Emily Jayne Creative

Emily Jayne Creative


Hi there, world!

Fun Fact: Emily Jayne Creative has been through an ever-evolving business development since about 2015, shortly after quitting my first “big girl job”.  

Want to know a secret? I never knew what Emily Jayne Creative would be, that’s why I named it what I did. It was simple, my first and middle name + creative
(because I knew I wanted to create things) I just wasn’t sure what I would create. Sounded fitting, left massive amounts of room for growth. 

I always say I “fell into flowers”, I did floral arrangements for one event and that was that, EJC took off as well as any small business take off can. Truth be told, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be doing, but it was something to do, I was making money, getting to be creative and make some amazing connections. 

With floral design came event life; invitations, promotions, social media campaigns and more and more experience. EJC kept evolving and eventually “grew out of flowers”, so to speak. 

And guys, guess what? I finally feel like EJC has evolved. (Well, for now.)

…into Emily Schneider Blog!

 I’ll use the blog to write about my day-to-day life, hosting events, home decor, talk awesome brands and local artisans, health + wellness and anything else I find inspiring!

PSA: “You don’t have to be exactly what anyone else thinks you should be. Want to have a blog and a creative business together? Do it. Oh, and never sell yourself short.” – Michael Schneider

Husband of the year ladies and gentlemen. 

Love to you all, stick around.

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Trust In The Magic

Trust In The Magic

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